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Embodiment training with emphasis on trauma, for Muslim Women worldwide.

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The wound is where the light enters you ~ Rumi
About Ihsaas

Our Healing Philosophy

Ihsaas means ‘embodied realisation’ in Urdu, from the Arabic root hassa, to feel. An awareness that arises from feeling sensations in your body. Our logo represents your healing journey ~ a woman and a butterfly symbolising emergence and transformation. Arabic calligraphy in Chinese brushstrokes representing our eastern ethos and appeal.

Join a growing network of women exploring how traumatic, painful, and difficult experiences become stored in our body, in the whole of our being, not just in our brains. Find many subtle yet powerful paths to healing and recovery. Learn practical techniques from holistic sciences and recent research in trauma intervention. 


Our Founder

Hafsa Hasan
Hafsa Hasan

Founder & Lead Trainer

About Hafsa Hasan

Hafsa Hasan is the founder and lead trainer of Ihsaas™. She is a practitioner of alternative medicine and therapy, with many years of experience working with wellness challenges faced by Muslim Women.

She is a qualified Homeopath and trained in Hikma (traditional Islamic medicine), educational kinesiology, acupressure, aromatherapy, energy healing, and the Clean Language approach to trauma.

The Ihsaas™ courses are a synthesis of her experience, taught with some humour and lots of passion. You can book a one-on-one session with Hafsa online or in-person. 


Ihsaas Courses

The Ihsaas Courses bridge the disconnect between mind, body & spirit, in therapy, providing a trauma-informed, somatic, healing programme. It is designed primarily for Muslim Women and our unique personal, cultural and intergenerational challenges.

We go beyond talk therapy to address mental, emotional and psychosomatic symptoms from the wisdom of the body, and all the systems it contains.

BodyMind Self Healing Course

BodyMind Self-Healing Course

Healing takes time!
The self-healing programme can be taken at your own pace over several years.

Level 1 opens the doors to compassionate and mindful self-awareness.
Level 2 goes deeper into the obstacles to healing and self-realisation.

BodyMind Practitioner Course

BodyMind Practitioner Course

Healing is contagious!
After completing the self-healing courses you may feel a call to help others in the same way.

The Ihsaas Practitioner Course is designed for therapists, coaches, facilitators, counsellors, bodyworkers, somatic educators and practitioners of conventional and holistic medicine.

Nourish Your Body & Spirit

For more information about Ihsaas™, please do not hesitate to contact us here!


Sharings From The Sisterhood

Read from the enlightening experiences of our healing network. Your satisfaction is a priority to us.

I gained valuable insights into trauma, emergence, hikma, and Rumi’s works. Participating in the course has been deeply healing and has taught me a lot about my own body and breath. I find the focus on self-healing and grounding before working with others to be very useful. With clients Ihsaas is proving to be a profound process and healing modality.

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Rahma Mian Lecturer in Critical Media & Culture Studies
Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher

Through the unique wisdom of Ihsaas I had the opportunity to dialogue with unspoken stories of my life through sensing the voice of my body. The process is transformative and allows us to hold the space for healing and welcoming the presence of mercy and divinity.

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Heidi Shropshire Waldorf Educator

Ihsaas course has taught me to connect more with my inner intuition to navigate through my pains and embark on a journey healing for myself and for those around me. Its a blessing to feel the gift of being present in our own bodies removing blockages and shielding armors. The course is intense and challenging yet enabling. Thank you Hafsa!

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Manal Masri Health Coach
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